Commit2Five is an organizing tool designed to help you have more open and enjoyable conversations with the people closest to you about voting on November 3rd.

    STEP 1: Get Registered

    The first step to any effective conversation is making sure that you’re all set to vote. A new window will open on the next page. Keep it open so you can reference it, but return here to complete the challenge.

    Click “Check Status” to verify your registration status, polling locations, and vote by mail requests.

    STEP 2: Pick Five

    Step two is to choose the 5 people to message. For this step, just write down five names.

    They should be:

    • Someone you've spoken to in the last 3 weeks.

    • Someone you expect will vote.

    STEP 3: Plan Together

    You’ve reached the most important step! Being registered is just the first piece of the puzzle.

    Research shows that people are significantly more likely to follow through on a commitment when they have a plan.

    Someone is ready to vote if they can confidently answer the following three questions:

    1. When and where do you plan to vote?

    The more specific, the better. Listen for dates, times, and locations. For example, “I plan to vote early after church services on the Sunday before election day at the polling location on Vermont and Sunset.”

    2. Are you going with anyone, or does someone you know need a ride?

    Voting is always more fun with friends and it’s a simple way to make sure that nobody is left behind.

    NOTE: In many states it’s illegal for you to even touch someone else’s ballot. If someone you know needs help voting and they cannot physically go to the polls or mail their ballot, be sure to check before offering to “drop off” their ballot.

    3. Is everyone in your household ready to vote?

    Social accountability is the single most powerful incentive in getting people to follow through. Don’t leave the lowest fruit hanging on the tree!

    Send the message below to five people.

    Hey, I’m doing the #commit2five challenge where I make sure five people I know are ready to vote before November 3rd. Have you confirmed your registration within the last two weeks and made your vote plan?


    Keep good notes and tell people that you’re going to follow up with them. This isn’t because you don’t trust them, it’s because every vote counts, and you want to be able to help in whatever way is needed.

    And remember, when in doubt, visit for the latest information and a national voter hotline.

    STEP 4: Grow the Community

    That’s it! Now the final steps are 1) to get your Five to also Commit2Five, and 2) to sign up to volunteer!

    We've made it super easy. Just sign up here and a campaign in a tight race or a battleground state will get in touch with you directly.



    Check your email for a confirmation from Everything We Can. A campaign will be in touch within a few days, or sooner!

    Thanks for joining the effort to get out the vote!


    Get Involved.

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